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The story of TrapaniTour began back in 2002, a time in which the foundations for transforming the town of Trapani as the vital touristic attraction in the entire county were laid, and so to become attractive to the outside world.

Thanks to a focused academic education and a willingness to make their own birthplace a better one, two entrepreneurs and tour operators, created one of the first information and support points in the old town of Trapani, a key location for guests from the countless tourist accommodations that were expanding like wildfire.

After several years of operation within the area of Trapani city, Francesco and Gaspare decided to expand their scope to the small town San Vito lo Capo as well, one of the "top destinations" in the Sicilian tourism industry, therefore giving birth to SanVitoTour. They created an information point in the secondary area of the town. The activity based on fundamental collaboration and partnerships with other local agencies, with 24h support and a tourism specific knowledge allowed the agency to become an essential operator even in a host area.

At present, the agency manages several tourism accommodations in both towns, all brought together by a common goal.

it's not about creating customers, but guests        

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